Youtube Kids Cartoons are a type of video on YouTube videos that mostly depict popular cartoon characters (Spiderman, Elsa, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the like) doing various activities and sometimes sing (or lip sync) nursery rhymes or children's music.

These videos are not what they seem however. They depict these characters, loved among many kids around the world, are caught in gruesome and inappropriate situations, such as being caught in house fires, getting their fingers cut off, and more.

Why It Sucks? Edit

  1. It contains tons of inappropriate, disturbing and disgusting content like feces, urine, blood, gore, pregnancy, killing, stalking, hurting, death etc. which is scary and highly inappropriate for the target audience.
  2. Dumb and horrible plots where kids doing dangerous and rude things,are victims of accidents,somebody cheats on random women and even Hitlers Are Jumping on a bed!
  3. It tries to be funny by consisting of fart, toilet, burping, butt, etc. jokes but it fails everytime.
  4. It misuses many known children's cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Minions, Elsa, Masha, Peppa Pig, and even Marvel and DC Characters!
  5. It doesn't have educational values.
  6. Poor Animation. Stuff mainly came from stock images and drawings.
  7. Music also came from royalty free libraries.
  8. 3D Models are stolen too!
  9. Even Grand Theft Auto V mods was used to create these videos.
  10. Videos about learning colors and nursery rhymes are repetitive.

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