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Your childhood is ruined (if you've watched the original).

The Powerpuff Girls is an animated series based on the 1998 series of the same name by Craig McCracken. It is a reboot that aired on Cartoon Network on April 4th 2016.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Girls' old voice actors were replaced with new ones for their youthful appearance.
  2. Like Teen Titans Go!, the reboot has less crime-fighting and more "What Heroes Do When They're Not Saving The World". The original has more crime-fighting than this.
  3. Awful script-writing and writing in general.
  4. This, along with Teen Titans Go! and the Ben 10 reboot gave Cartoon Network a terrible reputation.
  5. Too much nonsense.
  6. Overused Memes from the internet, like one episode having twerking, as seen in the episode "Painbow".
  7. Ms. Bellum (The Mayor's assistant) was removed because they don't want her to be in the show anymore. (But why?! She was very smart!!) Nick Jennings thought that having a beautiful, warm-hearted, motherly, intelligent, strong-willed woman on the show was offensive to the new generation and stated getting rid of her was "A Good Choice".
  8. In the episode, 'Horn, Sweet Horn' A Unicorn named Donny said he wants to be a beautiful unicorn and that is called 'bashing gays' and when he transitioned he was turned into a monster instead. This episode in particular could also be considered trans-phobic.
  9. The girls are completely out of character.
  10. The singing is horrible
  11. Mojo Jojo's famous language and speech patterns are gone.
  12. They don't introduce the villains to the new generation and just have them pop out randomly with no explanation of who they are or why they're even there!
  13. They were twerking in one episode.
  14. Bad humor nearly every moment.
  15. The animation is just as terrible as Teen Titans Go! and looks like rainbow colored vomit.
  16. The character designs are more rounded than edged, such as Professor Utonium having round corners around his face, arms, and hands.
  17. Shapes of the characters limbs are dizzying to the eye, like the animators and artist have no idea how to draw consistently.
  18. Some of them can be disturbing, gross, or just plain messed up but the original was WAY even better.
  19. Completely and utterly disrespected Craig McCracken's original work, the fans of the original, the audience, and the original voice actresses (didn't even contact them about it!).
  20. That Jared Shapiro incident.
  21. It airs on Boomerang, a channel for old cartoons!
  22. The episode "horn sweet horn" was accused for insulting transgender people in the LGBT community

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The male voice actors reprise their roles
  2. It's considerably better than Teen Titans Go!.
  3. The twerking is cut in the Turkish dub of Painbow.

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