The Nutshack Season One DVD Cover

The Nutshack is a 2007 Filipino-American adult animated sitcom towards to a Filipino American audience that aired on Myx TV in the United States and Myx in the Philippines.


Two cousins (Phil and Jack) from completely different areas (the Philippines and the San Francisco Bay Area) are forced to live together by their overly controlling uncle, Tito Dick.

Why It Sucked

  1. Unfunny jokes.
  2. Abysmal theme song that raps the show's name over and over and has been quite recently made fun out of by YouTube users and comments.
  3. Bad voice acting, character design/art style, animation and soundtrack.
  4. The background music drowns out the dialouge.
  5. Too much sexual jokes to the point where it makes you sick.
  6. An episode encourages female viewers to get breast enlargements in order to feel accepted.
  7. The characters (except for Chita) range from disgusting to annoying.
  8. Awful writing.
  9. Makes the Philippines brought to shame.
  10. The show's title has nothing to do with the show's premise at all.
  11. It's offensive to Filipinos.
  12. The general color scheme for the entire series looks like a homeless guy painted it with the grime and dirt from under his fingernails.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Spawned tons of parody memes on YouTube.

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