The Beatles is an American animated television show featuring the English rock band, created by Al Brodax. It ran from 1965 to 1969; The series was a historical milestone as the first weekly television series to feature animated versions of real, living people.

Plot Edit

Every episode has a name of their songs, and based on their lyrics.

Why it Sucks Edit

  1. The animation is sometimes terrible and cheap, like if the episode was made on Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint; For example: the episode "I saw her Standing there"[1]
  2. John, Paul and George are unlikeable characters.
  3. Ringo is the whipping mule of the series.
  4. In the episode "Chains", John, Paul and George try to drown Ringo and kill him. This is not a joke.
  5. Half of the episodes are just them singing.
  6. When one of them are in trouble or on the edge of death, they just sing, which makes it mean spirited.
  7. Until season 2 and 3 the singing sequences are recycled; something that makes the entire episodes annoyings.
  8. Paul, John, Ringo and George look all the same, and all look like they are papercut. It is hard to tell who is who.

Things that are meh Edit

  1. The voice acting is regular.
  2. The character designs resemble Hanna Barbera background characters.
  3. Some episodes aren't too bad.

Redeemable Qualities Edit

  1. Some episodes are well animated.
  2. The episode "Good Day Sunshine" is a good episode for Ringo, because he thought that's he's just a jinx and Paul, John and George are likeable because they help him.
  3. The humour and Gags are creative and clever.
  4. The late George Harrison has said that the show is funny to watch.
  5. The sing-alone segments.
  6. Its fanbase.

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