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The Bagel and Becky Show is a Canadian-British TV series that airs on Teletoon and Teletoon+. It is about a dog and a cat who try to stay out of trouble in their everyday lives.

Why it sucks... hard

  1. The whole show is heavily annoying in several aspects:
    1. None of the characters have an inside voice.
    2. The theme song is just the two titular characters singing "Lalalalala, the Bagel and Becky show!" on an endless loop.
    3. Bagel and Becky yell at eachother a lot.
    4. There are very little calm moments.
    5. Everything is so over the top.
    6. Even the promotional bumpers aired on Teletoon are annoying.
  2. The show is consistently praised by Teletoon, being one of the many TTGs of the network.
  3. Poor character design. The mother of Bagel and Becky (who is a HUMAN) has a huge cheek that looks like a tumor, as well as huge breasts and somewhat dresses like a housemaid. In addition to this, the animal characters look heavily malnourished and sickly.
    1. Another point to this: Even though Becky is a girl, she sounds (and looks) like she does not fit the gender binary.
      1. As well as this, the animal characters also seem to have chipmunk/beaver overbites.
  4. Bad voice acting. Becky sounds like an older version of Lisa Loud on life support.
  5. Bagel and Becky have no personality aside from being unintentional troublemakers who really like pancakes.
  6. The episode plots are very nonsensical and random.

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