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Teen Titans GO! Yes, GO away and never come back!

Teen Titans Go! is an animated comedy series based on the Teen Titans comic book series of the same name and acts as a spin-off to the original 2003 cartoon. The actors and actresses of the original reprise their roles.


The story focuses on the Teen Titans, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven when they are not saving the world.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible animation and poor character designs compared to the original. The character designs are rather infantile and far from complex, as well as being disgraces to the chibi art style. Even fans of the chibi art style criticized them.
  2. Most episodes have very stupid and annoying plots, such as Starfire wanting to marry a pot of chili and Beast Boy and Cyborg having a competition on who can say the word "Waffles" the most.
  3. This was made by Cartoon Network and gave them a horrible reputation.
  4. Many villains aren't much of a threat. Trigon, once an embodiment of evil in the comics and the original series, is portrayed as a sitcom dad rather than a demonic father like he was in the original show.
  5. Poor and false life lessons such as cheating to win, girls are better than boys, and even claiming that watching a lot of TV makes your brain stronger.
  6. The show takes up a very large portion of airtime on Cartoon Network almost every schedule which often enrages and/or bores the viewers. On the other hand, it has also been shown more than a hundred times once in a week, and another a whopping 300 TIMES.
  7. The creators of the show have dismissed any criticism and made some episodes that mock the critics, such as The Return of Slade.
  8. Most of the characters' personalities in the show have been changed very badly;
    1. Robin is a complete, selfish jerk who cares only about himself.
    2. Starfire has a more child-like personality who often licks her beloved pet Silkie.
    3. Beast Boy is a lazy bum.
    4. Cyborg is an annoying, obnoxious idiot.
    5. Raven, despite being the most likable out of the five (which is kind of good), is a pegasister (which means a female fan of My Little Pony) depending on others' opinions on MLP:FiM.
  9. The lackluster theme song is cringeworthy.
  10. The humor is mostly forced.
  11. It began the trend of bad reboots on Cartoon Network.
  12. The creators openly stated that they have never watched the original show, yet, it features characters from it.
  13. It is overly random and lots of things are out of place.
  14. It can essentially be a 15 minute It's Made For Kids excuse, as well as a big "Screw You" to the fans of the original series.
  15. Waste of talented voice actors.
  16. Incredibly awful jokes that even consists of toilet humor.
  17. Horrid dialogue.
  18. Extremely toxic fanbase.
  19. The hatedom is even worse.
  20. Poor soundtrack and voice acting, although most of the voice actors from the original show reprise their roles.
  21. There is no reason that this show should exist aside from it being milked to absolute death by Cartoon Network and making merchandise.
  22. One episode insulted the Young Justice fanbase.
  23. No continuity.
  24. Mountains of filler.
  25. Some episodes have misleading titles. One example is Return of Slade.
  26. Some of the episodes have songs that get very annoying and repetitive, such as "Waffles".
  27. The show became self-aware that it sucks and is proud of it.
  28. It insults other DC and non-DC properties.
  29. It lacks the dark, serious tone of the original cartoon due to the fact that it focuses more on humor than action.
  30. It is the epitome of mean-spirited.
  31. Cartoon Network chose this over Super Best Friends Forever by Lauren Faust, who is also the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This was a decision that was incredibly disappointing.
  32. False Advertising: The bumpers and advertisements say "Your New Favorite Show!", which is not true.
  33. The worst part is that it is getting a theatrical movie in 2018.
  34. Nobody asked for it.
  35. There are fans who dislike the show for little-to-no good reasons.

Redeemable Qualities

  1. The Titans in this show admitted that the original 2003 cartoon is better, as seen in the episode "The Fourth Wall".
  2. Every now and then there is an episode that is actually GOOD.
  3. Unlike most reboots on Cartoon Network, at least the voice actors and actress, and most of the crew from the original series haven't changed.


Among internet reviewers, it has been mercilessly panned. Mr. Enter has been known to call the characters "The Toddler Titans" due to their immature personalities. It was ranked #1 on WatchMojo's Top 10 Worst Animated Superhero Shows video.


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