Special Agent Oso is an "educational" television show that ran from 2009 to 2013 on Disney Junior.

Why It SucksEdit

  1. Like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this rips off Dora the Explorer.
  2. Horrendous CGI animation which would have been decent for the early 90's but is unacceptable by 2009 which is when this show came out.
  3. Pointless and annoying musical numbers.
  4. Stupid and repetitive plots.
  5. Fourth-wall breaking taken to an extremely bad level.
  6. Pathetic catchphrases. "Spot on!", "Ooooooooutstanding!", "It's all part of the plan, [more or less]."
  7. The children instantly recognise who Oso is, despite the fact they never saw or even heard of him.
  8. The kids Oso helps need help with the stupidest things.

Redeeming QualitiesEdit

  1. Some episodes actually have fairly decent plots.

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