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Well, the series already tells you how your brain will look after watching it.

Sonic Boom is a show created in 2014, initially airing in Cartoon Network all over the world. The plot revolves around videogame character Sonic and his friends and their adventures in the island they live in.

Why it Sucks

  1. To begin with, the characters are very annoying.
  2. Sonic does nothing right in the series and sometimes can be the most stupid, such as letting his friends die burned in an explosion of a fool version of Dr. Eggman, smiling as if none of this was happening, that is not funny, but clearly bizarre and scary.
  3. Knuckles is the worst offender in this series, with an unpleasant redesign and a love for hitting his head with his hands, on the wall, on rocks or on the floor. He's also incredibly dumb, even more than Sonic.
  4. Tails constantly points out the obvious to the other characters, since almost everyone is stupid enough to notice something suspicious in front of them.
  5. Dr. Eggman is the generic incompetent scientist and is not at all funny.
  6. Amy Rose is just another stereotype of passionate girls hit by a cupid's arrow. Amy demonstrates so much passion that she is even able to die just for saving Sonic, which is heroic, but it is stupid, since Sonic could solve everything by himself!
  7. Sonic.exe makes an appearance in the series, in a Halloween episode. WE ARE NOT KIDDING, AND IT'S VERY UNPLEASANT.
  8. The adventures are boring to the point of even making children sleep.
  9. Horrible and badly-made theme song.
  10. The world's fastest hedgehog does NOT RUN in this series.
  11. Boring and dull comedy that resembles the Discovery Kids cartoons.
  12. All characters (especially Knuckles) are annoying, much worse than Barney, Sparky and Super Kid mixed in a blender.
  13. Several holes in the plot.
  14. Several episodes do not make sense.
  15. It wastes the talent of many people.
  16. This series was responsible for ridiculing Sonic, and Sega worldwide.
  17. And to close with the golden key, the series uses the excuse that it is made for kids, which generated more hatred.
  18. Squandering talent from other aspects of the Sonic franchise.
  19. Og. He is extremely ugly and annoying but played off as a non-ironic cool character, and they had some characters that could be used in his role instead.
  20. Sticks the Badger in the 48th episode called "Designated Heroes" got censored feet without reasons

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good clothes for the characters.
  2. Decent Animation.
  3. Some moments and episodes of the some are good at times.
  4. The second season is lot better, with actual storyarcs and talent lent from other Sonic media. However, it still has many problems.

Rants by our friend and mascot, SammyClassicSonicFan

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