SML Short: The Drone! is the 37th SML Short by the YouTube channel SuperMarioLogan. This video has been considered my many fans to be one of the worst SML videos ever made. This video also caused 3,000 of Logan's subscribers to unsubscribe.


Cody invents a drone and wanted to show his friends!

Why it Sucks

  1. Bowser Junior and Joseph were playing with Lite Brite and making the words "butt hole" on it, which is very unfunny.
  2. The humor is way too gross.
  3. Cody, Junior, and Joseph stalk Chef Pee Pee by recording him in the shower with the drone for no good reason.
  4. Very disgusting scenes in this video are abound due to way too much unnecessary blood and gore, to the point that this video is considered to be the most gory SML video in history.
    1. Bowser Junior sticking his tongue out and it getting ripped off by the drone is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!
    2. Chef Pee Pee's eyeball gets sliced off by the drone, which makes the video even more disgusting.
    3. Chef Pee Pee's eyeball and Bowser Junior's tongue almost look realistic.
  5. As mentioned above, Logan lost 3,000 subscribers after making this video.
  6. When Bowser Junior has his tongue sliced off he sounds like Jill from the 2011 Adam Sandler film, "Jack and Jill".


SML Short- The Drone!07:49

SML Short- The Drone!

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