Ren Seeks Help is an episode of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon". This episode has been considered the worst cartoon episode of all time according to multiple internet reviewers.


After an argument with Stimpy, Ren decides to seek help with his problems.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ren is extremely unlikable here because he says he enjoys tormenting animals when he was little and kills Mr. Horse. This is animal abuse.
  2. Stimpy's crying is very ear-piercing.
    1. Did we also mention that this wasted the talent of Eric Bauza?
  3. Very ugly title card with Ren making an extremely disturbing face.
  4. A frog is driven to suicide by asking Ren to kill him. Unfortunately, Ren decides not to kill him so he can continue suffering.
  5. It was part of a cartoon so bad, that Stimpy's original voice actor refused to work on the show.

Good qualities

  • I'M A HORSE!!!!!!!!!

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