Ren & Stimpy -Adult Party Cartoon- title-card

Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" is an adult cartoon spin-off of the critically acclaimed cartoon The Ren & Stimpy Show made in 2003 by Spumco and created by John Kricfalushi and aired on Spike. This cartoon had 6 episodes and aired only 3 episodes on its network and the other 3 were released on DVD. The show also lasted only 2 months before being cancelled.

Why It Sucked

  1. The humor is nothing more than shock value.
  2. Awful stories.
  3. Lots of scenes are drawn out and long.
  4. Disturbing and cruel moments in the show such as killing animals, suicide, torment, etc.
  5. The title characters have been reduced to mindless perverts with no redeeming qualities (especially Ren).
  6. Speaking of Ren, one episode (Ren Seeks Help) has been considered the worst cartoon episode of all time because it makes Ren a tormentor who hurts and kills helpless animals for his own pleasure.
  7. The animation (while smooth) can get ugly with all the disturbing imagery.
  8. The show altogether feels like a horrible cartoon fan parody.
  9. The show was so bad, that Billy West, Stimpy's original voice actor, refused to work on the show saying it would ruin his career and thus was replaced by Eric Bauza.

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