Peppa Pig is a British children's show that premiered in 2004 and continues to this day. It was created by Astley Baker Davies and airs on Nick Jr and Milkshake.

Why It SucksEdit

  1. Anytime George cries. No words can describe how annoying his crying sound is.
  2. Bad character design. Everyone's arms and legs are drawn as sticks, the lines of their outlines overlap, and every side has two eyes which means they have four eyes in total. Peppa's head has the appearance of more a whistle than a pig, and everyone has retractable teeth.
  3. Simplistic animation, but since this is a pre-schoolers show, it can do.
  4. The narrator says EVERYTHING that happens on screen.
  5. The show encourages bad behavior to children.
  6. Whenever a character cries, it literally looks like there are sticks flying out of their eye sockets.
  7. Peppa is very unlikeable because she is prone to thinking everything has to go her way in some episodes.
  8. Simple, generic plots such as Peppa and George making pancakes.

Reedeeming QualitiesEdit

  1. Some episodes actually have fairly decent plots.

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