My Life Me is a Canadian-French pseudo-anime TV series that aired on Teletoon in 2010.


Birch Small, an aspiring manga artist tries to survive high school with her friends.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ugly and ridiculous animation with multiple glitches.
  2. Uninspired and lazy character designs.
  3. Each character is based upon stereotypes (i.e the "Cool Dude", the "Alpha-Bitch Cheerleader" and the "Skater Girl").
  4. A poor man's Totally Spies!
  5. The comedy is just a blue moon occurance. When it hits, it feels annoying and it is very unfunny.
  6. Stupid plots.
  7. Over the top and loud voice acting.
  8. Annoying soundtrack and theme song.
  9. Nothing makes any sense.
  10. Even the title sounds dumb.

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