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  • What is the worst German dubs ever made.

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    • I know. Also, due to the absence of RTL II and most importantly, Arts of Toyco, who were responsible for the translation of the opening, insert and ending songs of Digimon into German, it's really no surprise of how awful the German dub of Digimon Fusion turned out to be.

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    • I have recently found a new Anime that has the worst German dub of all, and I am talking about the German dub of an Anime called Chaos Dragon, which is an Anime I'm watching ATM on the Pro7 Maxx website that has the Anime available for free and on demand, but only as long as they can hold on to the license they have of it.

      By watching the first episode, I can sincerely say that the German dub of the anime is very poor and very low quality.

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  • There is a Best TV Shows Wiki if you want to put Anime that got critical acclaim/good reviews in that wiki.

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