Kuu Kuu Harajuku is a 2016 Australian-Malaysian-American children's TV show that was created by singer/songwriter Gwen Stefani, based of her Harajuku Lovers group. It first aired on Eleven in Australia on November 1, 2015. It also airs in America on Nickelodeon and in Canada on Family.


The show follows the band HJ5 ( G, Love, Angel, Music, Baby) and their manager Rudie, as they go around having adventures in the Harajuku world, and try to have a successful concert without any interruptions.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poor animation and color scheme - the color scheme is WAY too bright.
  2. Stupid plots which make no sense.
  3. References to third wave feminism and rape in a show for KIDS.
  4. Nickelodeon created this.
  5. Although the show looks happy and enjoying, it's tone is boring and slow.
  6. Despite the fact the show is about a band, there is no musical numbers whatsoever.
  7. In a promo commercial, Rudie looks like he's getting raped by HJ5.
  8. Horrifying character designs that anime wouldn't have, especially their EYES.
  9. Horrible voice acting. Not to mention all the character's voices are high pitched and all sound the same, making it hard to tell which character is speaking.
  10. The character designs are so 2D to the point they look like they are papercut.
  11. Horrible Villains such as No-Fun-Politicans, Angry Aliens, Hungry Monster Pets, etc.
  12. Poor and annoying theme song.
  13. It suffers from the case of "bad show with a good concept". Other examples include Da Boom Crew and Legends of Chamberlain Heights.
  14. Out of all people who created this, it had to be Gwen Stefani? WHY!?
  15. It's racist.
  16. It's story material is outdated- The Harajuku girls were popular around 2004 and 2005, over a decade ago.
  17. The show also airs on Nick Jr. as of February 3, 2017, a network for preschoolers. The channel doesn't usually have TV-Y7 rated shows.
  18. One of the characters looks like an exact ripoff of Blythe from Littlest Pet Shop (2012), an actually decent show.
  19. The girls look NOTHING like their real life counterparts.
  20. Doesn't have popular songs from Gwen Stefani's debut album, which had the Harajuku girls in it, like "Hollaback Girl".
  21. The designs of the villains are non-threatening, especially since everything in this show is overly cutesy.
  22. The writing is lackluster and some episodes are just awful.
  23. They keep saying KAWAII a lot of times, making the show a bit too commercialized on Japanese culture, possibly in the wrong way. Also, they mispronounced "kawaii" as "kowaii", which translates to "scary."
  24. The show could've been better if it actually focused on Japanese culture and no plot twists, making the show better with continuity and give all the characters development.

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