"It's Made For Kids" is an excuse used to dismiss criticism for children's shows, as well as movies and video games.

Why Any Show Made for Kids Excuse Sucks

  1. By dismissing criticism, the quality of kids shows may never improve (with the worst offender being Teen Titans Go!).
  2. Many adults harbor a love for kid's shows as well, include cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s. By pointing out the flaws in terrible kid's shows, that can leave improvement and ensure that more kid's shows can be made to be enjoyed by adults as well.
  3. Would you buy a faulty crib because "it's made for kids? Would you buy a broken baby seat because "it's made for kids?" Would you buy a drink mix with tons of toxic chemicals because "it's made for kids?"
  4. Not all kids like children's shows.

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