Hammerman was a 1990's TV series produced by DIC Entertainment and starring pop rapper MC Hammer, which aired for thirteen episodes on ABC in 1991.


A man named Stanley Burchell (MC Hammer's real name) owned a pair of magical shoes that could speak, and they could turn him into the superhero, Hammerman.

Why it sucksEdit

  1. Incredibly choppy animation with only one frame per second.
  2. Grading quality, even for 90s standards.
  3. Bad acting.
  4. Horrific theme song.
  5. Idiotic concept.
  6. The show had one of the most saddest Happy Meals ever. This "Happy Meal" from White Castle consists of a toothbrush, toothpaste, a soap bar and a sponge.
  7. WatchMojo declares this #2 on their Top 10 Ridiculous Cartoons Starring Celebrities.
  8. Poor character design, with Stanley/Hammerman looking like a generic black stereotype.

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