Grounded Videos are videos where kids gets grounded by their parents for a long amount of time. There are also two variations of these videos, Dead Meat Videos (also known as Behavior Card Day videos) and Held Back Videos.

Why They Suck


  1. These videos are basically the same thing, as they are all boring and repetitive.
  2. The characters are all unlikable and show no personality aside from being troublemakers.
  3. The troublemakers do bad stuff in some types of videos without a valid, or legit reason.
  4. These videos are often child abuse.
  5. Extremely toxic fanbase.
  6. Many of the plots are copied from other GoAnimate users or scenes from TV shows (like the "fuck me" scene from the South Park episode "HumancentiPad"), which are literally the same thing. Examples are "[troublemaker] Poops on the Teacher", "[troublemaker] Misbehaves at [restaurant name]", and "[troublemaker] Disrespects [event name]".
  7. Some troublemakers are either adults, real-life people, or characters from copyrighted franchises and for example, Caillou (in which these videos got inspired by its title character's spoiled brat behavior), Dora the Explorer, Barney the Dinosaur, The Teletubbies, Peppa Pig, Dr. Eggman from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants, King Pig from Angry Birds, Flower from Battle for Dream Island, Donald Trump, and even Alvin Hung, the founder and CEO of GoAnimate.
  8. This trend was started by adamkleinschmidt2003 back in 2012 and literally ruined the whole GoAnimate site. Even if it was bad, it was a whole lot better back in 2007.
  9. Poor, yet rushed animation, despite the fact that they were either made with GoAnimate or Plotagon.
  10. These videos were made mostly by GoFags (a term used by GoAnimate critics).
  11. The staff of GoAnimate hate these videos.
  12. On topic of this, these are one of the reasons why Alvin Hung, the founder and CEO of GoAnimate, removed the non-business themes, most notably Comedy World, Lil' Peepz, and Cartoon Classics, to turn GoAnimate into a business site as of October 19, 2015. Furthermore, the free plan was also changed to a 14-day trial plan as of November 25, 2015. The GoAnimate for Schools still retained the non-business themes, however, until July 26, 2016.

Grounded Videos

  1. The troublemakers get grounded for either large amount of years or forever, which makes no sense.
  2. Some videos depict troublemakers getting grounded for strange, stupid and nonsensical reasons, such as for getting a Barney Error, stepping in dog poop, no reason, and even behaving well at a hospital.

Dead Meat Videos

  1. These videos involve troublemakers getting a bad card (mostly black or red), getting in dead meat, and getting expelled. Most of these dead meat videos involve the troublemakers getting grounded for it.
  2. Some of these videos are over 8, 10, and even 15 minutes long.
  3. These videos in particular are very repetitive, with little to no changes within the video's timeframe.
  4. Some of the rewards are odd and unrealistic, like graduating forever, which can be considered unfair to the other students.

Held Back Videos

  1. These videos involve troublemakers doing something bad in school, such as being late so many times, getting in dead meat, etc. Then the troublemakers get sent to the principal's office, and they get held back a grade, all the way to preschool. The troublemaker does bad stuff once they get held back a grade. When they get held back to preschool, they do something bad, such as eating all of the milk and cookies, singing a bad song, scaring the little kids, etc, then they get expelled. Most of these held back videos involve the troublemakers getting grounded for getting held back to preschool and getting expelled.
  2. The teachers are depicted as very strict and mean.
  3. Some students in these videos do something bad, such as throwing a basketball at the teacher and saying something bad, then blame the troublemakers for it, and the troublemakers get held back for something they didn't do.
  4. The schools in the GoAnimate universe are very unfair.
  5. This is not even what being held back is in real life. Sure, you have to repeat a grade, but not every other grade you've finished before the one you're repeating!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of these videos at least have effort put into them.
  2. Many users later have stopped making these videos, most likely when all of the non-business themes on GoAnimate got taken down due to their incompatibility with HTML5, or because they are getting old nowadays.
  3. None of these videos have invaded other animation programs like Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate) and Pivot.
  4. There are some users who still do grounded videos, but the character(s) only get(s) grounded for like a week or a month, but not for a large amount of years like most grounded videos (though they're still terrible in anyway).


Grounded Videos, Dead Meat Videos, and Held Back Videos both received mixed reviews from critics. These videos originally received critical acclaim, but when they started to lose popularity due to many users retiring from making these videos, reviews on these videos are now mixed. As of 2016, among internet reviewers, these videos have been mercilessly panned. These videos have been known as the main cause to why GoAnimate is going downhill, and why the site is losing popularity. Although GoAnimate was made for Business and Entertainment, it was definitely not made for Grounded Videos, Dead Meat Videos, Held Back Videos, or other types of bad videos that are ruining the site.


Here are some videos made by YouTubers and GoAnimate users that review and rant on Grounded Videos, Dead Meat Videos, and Held Back Videos, which are mentioned in this page.

Grounded Videos

Dead Meat Videos

Held Back Videos


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