Durv is a English underaged Youtuber that did Prank Calls and Bottle Flips.

Dylan Durv

It's good that he got terminated, but why did he have to come back?

Why He Sucks

  1. His videos.
  2. He's a spammer, a clickbaiter, and a friend of Finnerz, Morgz and ItzPsy.
  3. He ACTUALLY puts himself into danger such as calling the Devil and calling various cursed numbers at 3 AM, a demonic hour.
  4. He is known as ItsDurvy. The most shocking part is that he created this account when he was 12.
  5. Trollzous, WildSpartanz, Mock and the YouTube community hate this guy.
  6. His fans are a bunch of underaged kids.
  7. His actions violates YouTube's community guidelines.
  8. He lies about everything.
  9. Unfortunately for Durv haters, he returned to YouTube on his brother's account.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The termination of his old channel in 2017 for violating YouTube's community guidelines.
  2. His videos on his new channel have more dislikes than likes. 

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