Disney's Doug was an American animated television sitcom and a sequel series to the Nickelodeon series, DougDoug's 1st Movie, also distributed by Disney, was based on the series.


The show takes place a few months after Nickelodeon's series finale, "Doug Graduates/Doug's Bad Trip", where Doug and his friends graduate from Bluffington Elementary School as sixth graders, and begin their first year at middle school, as seventh graders. Like the original show, it deals with the everyday life of socially awkward yet warmhearted Doug Funnie, his humorous best friend Skeeter Valentine, his smart, athletic, and sweet crush and best friend, Patti Mayonnaise, his friends Beebe Bluff, Chalky Studebaker, and the Sleech brothers, and tries to stay out of the way of local bully Roger Klotz, as well as his rival for Patti's affections, Guy Graham.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor voice acting, with overly dumb script-writing.
  2. Disney's Doug consisted of one 21 minute story for some reason, while Nickelodeon's Doug consisted of two 11 minute stories (with exception from the Halloween and Christmas episodes and the first episode of the Nickelodeon version).
  3. Unfunny jokes.
  4. Awful merchandising.
  5. Doug's voice isn't even close to his original.
  6. It was inconsistent to the original material, with new ideas that never would have been added by Nick.
  7. Characters are all different.
  8. It's too weird to be a slice-of-life show.

Redeeming Qualites

  1. The animation is eye candy at most times.
  2. Roger's new voice (Chris Phillips) sounds Great and close to his original one (Billy West).
  3. The background art is well painted.
  4. It is a spiritual follow-up to the Nickelodeon series.

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