NOTE: The embedded video contains offensive and disgusting scenes. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Fastest TV Cancellation Ever? Shortest TV Run RebelTaxi05:54

Fastest TV Cancellation Ever? Shortest TV Run RebelTaxi

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Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos is an Australian television comedy program hosted by Australian comedian Doug Mulray. The show includes inappropriate content all in the means of comedy. It was deemed so inappropriate, the owner of Nine Network at the time, Kerry Packer, demanded the show to be pulled off the air.

Why it Sucks

  1. Very offensive scenes where it has shown nudity and sex.
  2. Poor narrator voice acting.
  3. Some of the scenes never tried to make it feel like a comedy or at least make it funny.
  4. It only aired about 59% of the program to the pubic after when it was quickly cancelled.


When in the middle of eating, then-Nine Network owner Kerry Packer was told about this gruesome series by some of his friends. He tuned in to watch it and was so offended, he dialed the studio and screamed: "Get that shit off the air!" and it was immediately pulled from airwaves and was never shown to the public again. It was replaced with a message saying there was a technical problem. In order to fill up remaining airtime, repeats of Cheers were played to fill the void. Despite the same announcement and bumper were played in the middle of the airing of ANHV across Australia, it occurred in different parts of the program depending on the area it was airing in, due to time differences. In Melbourne and Brisbane, the station simply started airing an episode of Cheers after a scheduled commercial break. In other areas, the last part of the show broadcast was of Doug Mulray giving a monologue about "bosoms" or a clip of a child grabbing a kangaroo's scrotum. The show was cancelled before it was scheduled to air in Perth, and thus its Nine Network affiliate showed a brief message mentioning that the special won't be aired, before beginning an episode of Cheers.

Despite Packer's opinions on the series and it's content, it was very popular among its audience. After the announcement, Nine reportedly (and allegedly) received "thousands" of phone calls from viewers, with 65 percent of callers upset with the program being pulled, in contrast to the 60 callers who called in during the show's broadcast, complaining about the show. Viewers were generally bewildered by the sudden interruption and the cut to Cheers, not knowing about the show's cancellation until it was widely reported by the Australian media outlets the very next day. Packer was so outraged about this series, it is sometimes known as "The Show Kerry Packer Didn't Want You To See".

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