Why it sucks? Edit

  1. Its incredibly mean-spirited.Leopold is relentlessy tortured and abused through whole series no matter what.
  2. Tons of cruel and unfunny jokes which involves child abuse, torture and bullying.
  3. Unlikable And Cruel Cast. Mainly Leopold's Dad And Siblings Which uses brutal punishments (EX. Beating him up,throwing him against wall,throwing stuff etc.) and Leopold's behavior are their fault.
  4. Villains and Bullies Wins In Almost Every Episode.
  5. Repetive travel episodes where Leopold's family goes to country then talking for half of episode and they goes to concert where leopold's hated band are here.
  6. Prinicipals of Leopold's school are defending bullies and suspends leopold for insane amount of time for even little bad things like getting stuck in toilet or getting scared of fire drill
  7. Spicing Up Leopold's off-screen beating scenes with disturbing noises and special effects
  8. Insane Amounts Of Disturbing moments ex.where leopold gets tortured and for dumb reason.
  9. Insults,death threats and yelling adressed to leopold are deadly unpleasant to hear.

Redeming Qualities Edit

  1. Some jokes where leopold didn't get hurt can be funny
  2. Animation Are Executed Good
  3. Fans Love These Videos
  4. Great Fandom
  5. Leopold sometimes wins and can stand up the bullies.
  6. Awesome fighting scenes

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